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残念だ! [07 May 2007|06:20pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

みんな!おっす!( ̄▽ ̄)

I haven't exercised forEVER.. and today, I decided to restart my pilates!! However, cause I haven't done them in sooo long, my body was NOT responding to some of the exercises. (-_-; ) However, I feel great!

Also, today was bad news and good news I suppose. Still no sign of my passport... So yet again... I called those B----- ppl, and the first time I called... I thought I was going to just give up. The woman this morning told me, "Well, I see that you DO have an expedite on it since Sunday.. and you should have it in by Tuesday... however, the agency where your passport is currently at has yet to respond to the expedite request. They have up till 3 business days to respond. You can call back then..." I was PISSED! by this response. I asked "What do I do if you guys don't give me my passport on time???" *frantic* She said, "It is none of our problems..." I was convinced this B@#$# didn't know what she was talking about... So, when I got off the phone, I called the passport ppl again. After trying to call them for 2 GO^$%D^S hours!! they finally answered. The woman on there was SOOO nice! She was like "You have an expedite on your passport *typing in background* and I will send out a letter now saying this is for your visa! If you STILL didn't receive your passport by Wednesday, please call again. It says that you should have it by Tuesday, and they are using a FedEX one-night delivery so that it will be there on time. I am sorry for all the trouble..." I then again was like... YESS! THANK YOU GOD! Then I was like, "Should I be receiving this passport this week?" She said, "We will make sure it gets to you BY friday for sure!"

I was ECSTATIC! I am glad!! However, I will killlll all the morons at the passport agency for causing this much shit to me! I will make them pay!! With KARMA!

Anyway... today has been just... an up-and-down roller coaster of doom with all the drama that was going on.

I talked to two of my teachers today, which was nice. I love these two ppl... Frau Hummer (German High School teacher) and Furuhata Sensei (my Japanese College teacher). They are truly awesome.. and they support me all the way with stuff... like a mother! (^3^)kiss

There hasn't been other movements in my life that I feel like spilling out!

I miss tomoya.... but my mother doesn't believe in visiting a boyfriend... lol! Oh well... I guess I will survive till

NEXT WEDNESDAY! HELLZ yeah! Guess who is going to Hawaii for a wedding???? ME!!!! Yeahhhhhh... that is about it....

I love you guys... ttfn


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Hi everyone! [06 May 2007|01:29pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I promise to make more updates this summer. I have nothing really to do except this now... lmao!

Anyway, I have been just... stressed and depressed since two weeks ago. I am in summer vacation and about 10 days from now, I will be going to Hawaii... You would THINK I would be in good spirits.. but I am DEFINITELY not!! Here is why:

Well, as most of you know, I will be studying abroad this year from August to January in Tokyo, Japan. Of course, if you leave the US, you MUST have a passport. Well, I signed up for my passport in the middle of February. Now, when I signed up for it, it was only going to take 6-8 weeks to receive it... weeks, months went by, and no passport. Then I got an email from my study abroad program saying it will take 10 weeks to get it now. Of course I was a bit angry, but if I received it in 10, it was no big deal.. I would still have 2 weeks b4 the deadline to get my Certificate of Eligibility. Then, it gets to 10 weeks 2 weeks ago... (o_O)!!!!

So, of course I was a bit insane, and called the Passport @#$@#%s a BILLION times!! I called them the first time, and I did NOT get a ring tone ALL day (which they are open from 9am to 12am)!! So, I called the next day, and I finally get a response. The woman on the phone is like, "well, yours is not an emergency because you still have 2 weeks. We only do 'emergency expedite' when the passport is due 2-3 days b4 the deadline." I was then like "OMG! this IS an emergency... I need my passport to do my visa by May 15th!!!! and I need to to be at the designated area by THAT time.. not SEND it by that time." The woman didn't care, but she told me to keep calling to find out my status. So, I skipped two days cause I was busy with finals.

Called again on the weekend. Mind you, I call the passport ppl about 20-40 times a day cause they never want to answer their phone, and once i get a ringtone, it takes approx. 20-60 min to get a response. I got a woman finally again, and she was like "I will send out a letter of emergency to New Orleans (where your passport it) so that you can get it on time". She obviously didn't do SHIT cause I called again the next day, and the woman said, "Well, it now takes 12-14 weeks to get your passport. Just wait till then, and keep calling." I FLIPPED OUT on this bi!@$#! She then realized I needed it within 13 days. She was like, "well, I cannot put an emergency expedite cause you are not an emergency yet." I was like... "dear god...! can you NOT do anything????" She told me to just KEEP calling.... (-_-; )

So, then I called again and again several times, and finally I get another woman. Says about the same thing as the last woman. At this point, I am just like.. okay! I get it. I will not call for a day, cause if I did, I would say something just.. wrong to them!!... So I called again on friday (the 4th), and a GREAT woman answered. She said to me "Oh, I understand!" and at this point, i was YELLING AT HER!!! and so she was like "I will post this as emergency expedite, and I will have it sent to you by tuesday (the 8th, a week before the 15th). That way you will be able to send in your stuff on time for sure! I am sorry for all the trouble ppl have been causing you." Oh! I forgot to mention that I was told EVERYTIME before this woman, and by my study abroad program to fork up some money (from NOWHERE) and go to the closest regional passport agency. The closest one is in @#!$!@#$% Chicago. So, I was trying to make an appointment with the agency, they were booked until PASSED the 15th, and I couldn't get a CHEAP train ticket. So, that is why I EXPLODED on this woman on friday! She told me it would be a complete waste of my time if would have went to the agency, and I wouldn't have gotten it any faster. So I was completely miserable. But she seemed to help me out and I was sooo glad that she was going to emergency expedite the thing. "Just call on sunday to make sure everything is going fine!"

I called today now... and got an answer right away (which was beyond shocking!). The woman answered and she was like "have you called here several times now??" of course i had an immediate response of 'YES!!!' So she said "well, since friday, New Orleans' system has been down to upgrade. You will not be able to check your status. You will have to call again on monday.. i am SO sorry because of all the trouble this has been causing you. But, I cannot do anything. Please call again later." I am like.. omg..... since friday... that fucking bitch that said she was going to emergency expedite must have NOT done it cause the system has been down. I am gunna cry!!

So that leaves me with the present situation. I am now freaked because i MUST have my passport in my hands by this friday or I will not be able to send my Certificate in to Philly on time. I hate the government, and the passport fucks. I have had EVERYTHING go right for me, and I have been working my ass off! I got an award that i will not be able to receive again for the trip. I have done overload of japanese this semester to prepare. I have signed up for SEVERAL jobs this summer to get money for the japan abroad thing. I have been kicking everyone's ass to get things done... yet... one little thing... a passport, fucks everything over. If I cannot get my passport in by friday, I will no longer be going to Japan. I will kill everyone and everything! I hate you passport fuckers!!



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ごめんね~! [19 Mar 2007|07:45pm]


I got yelled at the last few times to write in English, so I will~! HAHA! Well, umm.. nothing new has really happened. I will just tell it how it is!

First off, I am going to JAPAN~!! I will be leaving August 1-2 till about January. It is going to be the most amazing thing EVER~!! It will be a study abroad program in Tokyo, and I will be home staying with my boyfriend's family~! (^0^)/ How exciting!

Next....... is that tomoya and I had our year anniversary a few weeks ago... (^0^)v Life is great.

My computer is slowly breaking all over again. I have no sound, so I have to use external speakers~~~! (@_@) めんどうくさい!!!(><)

Umm.... I think that is about it!! WEEE~! *dances*
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[02 Oct 2006|01:46am]
[ mood | full ]


マジごめんなさいね!m(_ _)m





でも、頑張りますよ!p(^^)q 応援して下さいね!(^^;)

じゃあ、今2:00amだよ!マジ眠いよ!(TへT)学校に行きたくないよ!サボりたいですよ!(^0^)/ 休日はやめてないで!(*。*)/



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[02 Aug 2006|09:57am]
[ mood | sad ]

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Religious || 10%
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Materialism |||||||||| 36%
Narcissism |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
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Self absorbed |||||||||||||| 56%
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Romantic |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Avoidant |||||| 23%
Anti-authority |||||||||||| 50%
Wealth || 10%
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Change averse |||||| 30%
Cautiousness |||||||||||| 43%
Individuality |||||||||||||||| 70%
Sexuality |||||| 30%
Peter pan complex |||||| 30%
Physical security |||||||||||||| 56%
Physical Fitness |||||||||||||||||| 77%
Histrionic |||||||||||||| 56%
Paranoia |||||||||||| 43%
Vanity |||||||||||||||| 63%
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[20 Apr 2006|04:30pm]
[ mood | creative ]



P.S.~ 今知也と結婚したいよ!

Well, neway. I had a whole nice day today. My international organizations class is finally over... and so is ja250q. I found out that our ja250q final is going to be comprehensive... (T_T)!!! *dies*

Also, my presentation went SWELL in International Organizations. Ummmmm... finished the 40 page paper... and hmm... i dunno...

I feel crazy today!! I dunno why. I kinda wanna be a cat for some reason?? LMAO!! (='-')= ニャン im really tired too... but i have to live through with tiredness... i will get sleep during the weekend i hope!! lmao!!! i dunno though.. this weekend might end up being wild or something.. (@_@)!!! lmao!

Anyway... I love everyone, and I will talk to you peepz later!!


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[18 Apr 2006|07:32pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]



Okay... why is it EVERYTIME i go to help men, they have this fucking PRIDE BULLSHIT????? Okay... let me list some things...

Ryan ~ Helped him with his math homework, he got so pissed because he thought i was doing it to make him feel stupid... uh... newsflash!!! you fuck!!! I was trying to help because you were freaking out over the fact you couldn't understand it!!!!!

マイケル ~ Helped him with his research papers by finding sources cause he was freaking out!!! I did, and he got so pissed and told me that he isn't going to use the ones i found because they were not "good enough" for him to use... you know.. FUCK YOU!

Nick ~ Helped him with his science homework. He told me that i was being TOO obsessive because I wanted to help him with his homework... okay... what the fuck does that mean?!!??! asshole...

知也 ~ TODAY!!~~~~~ He has a first draft due tomorrow for college writing. He is not sure how to start his paper. SOOOOO instead of doing my paper (cause frankly, i am not stressed about my paper) i went and helped him. He was so nervous on it sooooo i thought i would try to make like an outline with him so that we can break apart info and shit like that. I did all this work breaking it down, and he was at the end like... "ehh... whatever.. i don't think you should help me... i'll get it myself"......... go to hell... Then i am like... well, he has no sources that are helping with this certain part of his paper. SOOOO he was freaking out about that, so i went on his computer and found 2 REALLY good articles from newsweek and stuff. He left the room to "unstress" himself... while he was de-stressing, i was in here finding these things. He comes back and he is like.. PISSED!! cause i was doing it... "go! i can do this myself!!! *huffs*"

In all seriousness, i think i am just NEVER going to help anyone again. There are MORE examples if you want me to drag those out... I can help women cause they are more respectful... men are the fuckholes that like to piss around with MY FEELINGS!!! jackasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *can you tell i am pissed?*

So yeah.. i am kinda steaming... and you ALL get to go through the torture of reading my steam!!!!!!!!! BWU HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!


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! [18 Apr 2006|08:44am]
[ mood | pensive ]


Well, my computer is temporarily fixed for the time being. and, what i mean by temporarily is that if i turn it off, i cannot turn it back on!!! (>_>) So for now, I must leave it on 24/7 until my father and I figure out another solution!! NOOOOOO~!

besides that... 皆元気? I cannot be any better right now... A lot of my teachers are doing switch-a-roos on dates for papers/finals/projects and it is starting to slowly kill me!! (^o^)v yessssss!!!!!! SO EXCITING!!!

But you know what, i don't care... I am getting my shit done.... i guesssssssss (+_+;)

I don't really feel like going to Japanese Culture class... I don't like "Memoirs of a Geisha"... I thought it was boring the first time, the second time didn't make it any better. I have my paper all ready to turn in, but I don't wanna go in there... Maybe i can like... give it to the teacher then make some excuse to leave... like SLEEPING??

This weekend was the SHIT!! I had 夢ちゃん come with me to my father's house. むっちゃこわくておもしろいよ!As usual, my dad made the death threat to my boyfriend... I am kinda getting bothered by that, but I can ignore it... Poor tomoya was like... dying!!!!! (T_T)!!! かわいいそう夢ちゃん!

We went to this phillipean thing... It was kinda cool... watched a bunch of culture things I have never seen, and also heard stories which make me NEVER want to go to the phillipeans!!! (T_T)!! Like this one! I must tell!!! This boy, Bruce, was telling a story about how he lived in the Phillipeans for a certain amount of time... neway... he said for his 7th birthday he wanted a puppy... So he went to this pet store where there were a bunch of puppies bouncing around having fun. He chose this little black puppy and he told the store clerk "I want this one!". The store clerk said "Oh, this one? Okay!!". So the store clerk takes the dog and brings it to the counter and brings out a bag. Bruce then was standing there waiting for his puppy and then the store clerk took the dog by the neck and snapped it in two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Killing the cute dog RIGHT infront of this child... He put it in the bag, and gave it to Bruce and bruce was like... traumatized for LIFE!!! i was like.. *cries to death* HOW DISGUSTING!!!! I was hurt!!

Neway, then afterwards, my best friend Tia came over and Tia, Tomoya, and I all got drunk!! weeeeee~~! We tried to play video games but we were like.. *runs into every wall possible* lmao!!! So neway... then Sunday, my family plus tomoya went to the Pittsburgh Zoo... Everytime i go there, the place gets smaller and smaller!!!!!!!! I dunno.. the cleveland zoo is like... a billion times BETTER (>_<)!! It was sooooo much fun!!!

Well, that is about it.... I have class now.. but I want to eat my ramen first... So I will talk to everyone later, ne!


P.S.~ 知也川村と結婚したいよ!結婚するまで待てない!

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[17 Apr 2006|01:50pm]
[ mood | loved ]


Oral Presentation

こんにちは皆さん!うちはアリソンです。始(はじ)めまして。今日忙(いそが)しいよ!たくさん勉強する。この週(しゅう)ファイナルエッセイ(Final Essay)四(よっ)つある。うちの好きなクラスは日本語と日本語文化です。これらはとてもおもしろいよ。毎日(まいにち)うちの好きなテレビゲームであそぶ。この名前(なまえ)はキングダムハーツ(Kingdom Hearts)です。うちの好きなキャラクタはソラです。かれはとても可愛いよ!毎日(まいにち)日本語の音楽を聞く。うちの好きなバンドはDir En GreyとOliviaです。うちの好きな人はうちの彼氏(かれし)ですよ!毎日(まいにち)彼氏(かれし)に会う。一緒(いっしょ)にひるごはんを食べるよ!うちの好きな食(た)べ物(もの)はごはんとにくです。ありがとう、またね!

*PS~ This is my japanese presentation for class on .... whatever day it is... lmao!!! Enjoy!*

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[11 Apr 2006|04:20pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]



c(U U)


I am so in love with him!!!! EVERYONE MUST KNOW IT!! EVEN THOUGH YOU ALREADY KNOW, I LOVE 夢ちゃん!!!愛してるよ!!!!!!!

Neway, even though life is "the" suck, I am still going through with it with a happy heart! yummy!


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